Professionals of Note

The CES Fellowship is the highest honour bestowed on a member. The Fellowship recognizes leadership and prominence in the field of evaluation, significant lifetime achievements, and exceptional service to the profession.

For more information on the criteria for CES Fellowship, please refer to Policy OP-9 in the CES Policy Manual (member login required).

The Call for Nominations is open for 2024! Complete the Online Nomination Form by January 31, 2024. The form asks for the nominator’s contact information, the nominee’s contact information, and supporting documents.

The CES Fellowship

Congratulations to our new 2023 Fellow: Kim van der Woerd

Alan Cohen, FCES


Alan Gilmore, FCES


Alan Gratias, FCES


Burt Perrin, CE, FCES


Burt is an author, thinker and independent consultant based in France. He is a founding director of the CES and leader of other international organizations. His latest book is Changing Bureaucracies: Adapting to Change, and How Evaluation Can Help.

Jack Santa-Barbara, FCES


Robert Segsworth, CE, FCES


Jack Williams, CE, FCES


Arnold Love, PhD, CE, FCES


Arnold is a national and internationally recognized evaluation consultant. He is Past President of CES National Council, Past President of the CES Ontario Chapter, and has sat on numerous committees and working groups at the Chapter and National levels.  He received the CES Award for Contribution to Evaluation in Canada in 1996 and the CES Service to the Society Award in 2004. 

Linda Banister, CE, FCES


Linda is owner and President of Banister Research & Consulting Inc, which provides market research and program evaluation services to clients in the public and private sector.  Linda is a certified director and sits on a number of boards.  

Joe Hudson, CE, FCES


John Mayne, FCES (deceased)


Anita Myers, CE, FCES


Linda E. Lee, CE, FCES


Linda is a CES Past President, Award Winner and Fellow; has served on the Credentialing Board, Fellows' Executive Committee and Competencies Review Working Group; and was a founder of the DEI Working Group. She is a passionate advocate for using evaluation to create a more equitable world.

Paul Favaro, PhD, CE, FCES


Paul holds a PhD from the University of Toronto and is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Administrative Studies at York University.  He has worked as an evaluation, organizational development and training consultant to a wide variety of government ministries, educational organizations, charitable foundations and community-based programs.  

Gregory Mason, PhD, CE, FCES


Gregory has been a CES member since 1981, was the National President in 1989, won the Award for Service to CES in 1990 and became a Fellow in 2010. He holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia.

Kaireen Chaytor, PhD, CE, FCES


Kaireen is Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University. She has taught evaluation nationally and internationally. Her background in adult education influenced her evaluation work, especially her interest in organizational culture and efforts in building evaluation capacity.

Steve Montague, CE, FCES


Steve is a partner of Performance Management Network Inc. He is a credentialed evaluator and has over 35 years of experience as a practitioner in performance measurement and program evaluation as a management consultant, an adjunct professor and as an evaluation manager in a major Canadian federal government department. He specializes in evaluation, results-based management, constructing program theory, and the inclusion of reach in ex ante and ex poste evaluation. 

Nancy L. Porteous, CE, FCES


Nancy has served as President of CES, Chair of CES Educational Fund, member of the Executive Board of International Organisation for Cooperation in Evaluation, as well as on the organizing committees for the CES Student Evaluation Case Competition and World Evaluation Case Competition, and guest editor of the CJPE. She has received the CES Contribution to Evaluation in Canada Award and the CES National Capital Chapter's Award for Leadership in Evaluation.

Andy Rowe, FCES


Shelley Borys, PhD, CE, FCES


Shelley is the Head of Evaluation and the Chief Audit Executive for the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada, and has previously worked in evaluation for several federal government departments as well as in the private sector. She holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Waterloo.

Natalie Kishchuk, PhD, CE, FCES


After several decades devoted to evaluation consulting, teaching and research, Natalie has now realigned her interests towards community and political volunteering, writing fiction and very amateur music. She remains active in CES in several capacities. 

Robert Lahey, CE, FCES


Robert is a founding head of Canada’s Centre of Excellence for Evaluation. He has been Evaluation Head in four federal agencies and an advisor to the World Bank and United Nations, as well as other international agencies and countries on designing, building and using results-based M&E systems, ECB, national performance reporting and SDGs. He won CES Awards in 1995, 2004 and 2015, and has been internationally recognized.

Brad Cousins, CE, FCES


Brad is an evaluator and capacity builder. His research on evaluation centres around evaluation use, collaborative approaches and evaluation capacity building.

Gail Vallance Barrington, PhD, CE, FCES


Gail (BA McGill University, MA Carleton University, PhD University of Alberta) is a Credentialed Evaluator, certified teacher and CES Fellow. Her books include Consulting Start-up and Management (SAGE, 2012) and Evaluation Time (co-author B. Triana-Tremain, SAGE, 2022). 

François Dumaine, CE, FCES


François is a Partner at PRA Inc. In addition to his evaluation work, he has been actively involved with CES and the CES Educational Fund. His evaluation practice focuses on the federal government and non-profit organizations.

Larry K. Bremner, CE, FCES (Métis)


Larry, a former CES National President and the driving force behind the creation of EvalIndigenous, is a CES award winner and Fellow. He believes evaluators must become inclusive of voices and approaches to support reconciliation and address crucial social, environmental and economic issues. 

Martha McGuire, CE, FCES


Martha brings over 30 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation.  She has a keen interest in the development of the field of evaluation.  She is an associate of a non-profit social enterprise that aims to transform the practice of evaluation.

Benoît Gauthier, CE, FCES


Benoît is a Credentialed Evaluator and professor at Carleton University. He is a former President of CES and the Réseau francophone de l'évaluation, Vice-President of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation, and member of the EvalPartners Board of Trustees. He holds degrees from Laval University and the École nationale d'administration publique. 

Keiko Kuji-Shikatani, CE, FCES


Keiko is devoted to utilizing evaluation for a more equitable and peaceful world through learning as we go (principle-focused Developmental Evaluation) in the public sector. She was instrumental in the operationalization of the CE and documented in the CJPE for the use of the world's VOPEs.  

Jean Serge Quesnel, CE, FCES


Jean Serge is President of the Société québécoise d'évaluation de programme. He is also Adjunct Professor at the École nationale d'administration publique.

Debbie DeLancey, CE, FCES


Debbie is a settler who has lived and worked in the Northwest Territories for more than 40 years, working with Indigenous governments and communities, as well as with the Government of Northwest Territories in a variety of senior positions.

Michael Obrecht, CE, FCES


Michael learned to evaluate programs as a federal public servant. He is now an independent evaluation consultant, as well as a writer, editor, publisher, webmaster and manager. He helped found the CES Student Evaluation Case Competition, and advocates for proportional representation and environmental activism. 

Kim van der Woerd, PhD


Kim is a proud member of the ‘Namgis Nation and founder of Reciprocal Consulting, an award-winning, Indigenous-run consulting firm specializing in evaluation and research. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and distinctions for her work.