About CES

For over 40 years, the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) has helped evaluation professionals build and advance their careers, providing a wide range of professional development opportunities and expert resources. Through our national operations and network of Chapters, members and partners, we build awareness of evaluation, promote the development of evaluation theory and practice, advocate for the use of quality evaluation, and lead the professionalization of our profession.

At the heart of this success has been leadership and innovation. The field of evaluation is growing and evolving, influenced by trends toward increased professionalization, information sharing and innovation, as well as heightened demand for competencies and accountability.  With a future-forward focus, we will continue to work on initiatives that elevate our collective professionalism, engage current and potential members, and advocate for use of quality evaluation among current and potential evaluation users. 

Our Mission

Through our national operations and a network of chapters, members, and partners, we promote the development of evaluation theory and practice, lead the professionalization of evaluation, build awareness of evaluation, and advocate for the use of quality evaluation.

Our Vision

Advancing excellence in evaluation across Canada and internationally

Our Guiding Principles

All of our activities and operations are driven by three guiding principles:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness

We support an inclusive organization where a diversity of members thrives and evaluation practice grows in this spirit. This is achieved through engagement, transparency and fairness. Embedding diversity within CES includes consideration of people’s social identities, world views, ideas and ways of working, as well as institutional and enabling environments.


We take a leader role in sustainability, building opportunities to align work in diverse sectors in support of sustainability, and incorporating increasingly sustainable practices as an organization.

See the CES Sustainability Working Group’s Report on Stocktaking for Sustainability-Ready Evaluation for more information.

Seamless Member Experience

We provide a seamless service for members, including activities such as membership management and engagement, events, virtual collaboration, professional learning and communication through coordinated technical systems.