Evaluation Worldwide

Canadian Partners

We couldn’t accomplish our goals alone. We are proud to call the following Canadian organizations our partners. Through collaboration and shared goals, we are growing and strengthening the field of evaluation together.

Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund

The CESEF provides scholarships and other learning opportunities for Canadians who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of program evaluation.

Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education

The CUEE was created in 2008 as a voluntary, collaborative partnership among universities, government and CES.

Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation

The JCSEE is the official source for evaluation standards in the United States and Canada.

International Partners

We are equally committed to developing and maintaining international partnerships to support the development and promotion of evaluation worldwide. To that end, we are members of the following groups:


EvalPartners, formed by the IOCE and the UN, is an innovative partnership whose members are Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs). Together, these partners strive to have the need for effective evaluation recognized as necessary to any important decision.

International Organisation for Cooperation in Evaluation

The IOCE is a network that brings together national and regional evaluation associations from around the world. It encourages demand for evaluation and supports organizational capacity for evaluation associations.

Réseau francophone de l'évaluation

The RFE brings together 24 national evaluation associations in the French-speaking world (North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East). Its mission is to promote the development of French-language evaluation culture and capacity in the French-speaking world.

Association Partners

We have also established joint membership agreements with the following international associations whereby members of one association can become full members of the other association at a reduced rate and enjoy all the benefits of membership: 

American Evaluation Association

The AEA is a professional association of evaluators in the United States devoted to the application and exploration of evaluation as a profession.

Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association

The ANZEA is the professional association for evaluation in New Zealand, which promotes and advocates for quality evaluation.

Australian Evaluation Society

The AES is a member-based organization that exists to improve the theory, practice and use of evaluation for everyone involved in evaluation.

European Evaluation Society

The EES is the regional VOPE for Europe. Its primary goal is to promote the theory, practice and use of high-quality evaluation in Europe and beyond.