Creating EDI Cultures

We recognize that evaluators have a role to play in addressing systemic issues that affect people's lives. Evaluators are in a position to influence the decisions of governments, non-governmental organizations and other key service providers whose actions affect our daily realities. 

We consider it part of our mandate to support evaluators in dismantling systemic and structural oppression and are actively working towards modeling inclusion, encouraging diverse perspectives and learning new ways to acknowledge and address the struggles of historically oppressed communities.

The equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) resources below support the evolution of an evaluation community and profession that is inclusive and equitable for all right holders and stakeholders.

Introductory Webinar

Welcome to a 1.5-hour introductory webinar created by Bloom Consulting for evaluators wishing to integrate EDI in their practice and organizations. We will explore fundamental concepts, including unconscious bias, and the structures and behaviours that support inclusive leadership.  

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Foundations for Creating Cultures of EDI

Welcome to "Foundations for Creating Cultures of EDI," a 9-part series for evaluators and leaders wishing to integrate EDI in their practice and organizations.

Anti-Racism and Evaluation Resources Hub

To support the integration of anti-racism work into the evaluation community, we have developed a hub of resources on anti-racism with a particular focus on evaluation.