Anti-Racism and Evaluation

The Anti-Racism and Evaluation Resources (ARER) Hub includes seminal documents on race, racism and anti-racism; governmental and non-governmental resources and tools to strategize, monitor and/or evaluate anti-racism action; peer-reviewed articles on topics such as race and evaluation; references to various books; useful blogs; and a glossary with relevant terms. 

We recognize the importance of distinct approaches for Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous Racism. The hub offers resources on both these topics, as well as resources that are relevant to other racialized and minoritized groups. The ARER Hub is an open repository that will be refined over time. Readers are invited to submit resources for the hub by sending us an email.

For ease of use, the ARER Hub takes the form of a Google Sheet with several tabs, which can be accessed at the bottom of the screen. To help users identify the most appropriate documents and tools for their work, each resource includes a brief summary and is classified by type (e.g., government document or website, peer-reviewed article, legislation), country and region. A checkmark in column G indicates that the resource is specific to evaluation. Links to every resource are provided to facilitate easy access. A few websites of interest are included in a separate tab for quick reference. 

Disclaimer: This document is being added to and is evolving through the work of the CES Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability Committee and does not represent a final product. The resources have not been approved or validated by CES. Please reflect critically on the material before using and sharing it widely.