Confident and Connected

Welcome to the CES Mentoring Initiative - where growth is a two-way journey! Mentoring is more than just guidance; it's a reciprocal relationship that enriches both mentees and mentors. Mentees benefit from evaluation-related support, advice and guidance they need to advance, and mentors gain a sense of fulfillment and personal enrichment by sharing their expertise with others in the field.

At CES, we believe in the power of collective growth. The Mentoring Initiative is open to all CES members who are eager to invest their time and energy in a mutually beneficial partnership. It is free and easy to join. In just a few minutes, you can register as a mentor, mentee or both, and begin your mentoring journey today!

Benefits for Mentees

A mentee is a driven individual who is committed to advancing their professional journey by acquiring new knowledge and competencies, all under the experienced guidance of a mentor.

  • Accelerate your professional journey: A mentor empowers you to fast-track your practice and career development. 
  • Expand your network: Connect with inspiring evaluators, broaden your horizons and grow your professional circle. 
  • Elevate your continuing education: Stay ahead in the field by accessing valuable resources and staying updated. 
  • Ignite fresh perspectives: Gain exposure to innovative ideas and fresh approaches in evaluation. 
  • Tap into seasoned insights: Benefit from the wisdom and diverse experiences of senior evaluators in different contexts. 

Benefits for Mentors

A mentor is a dedicated individual who generously imparts their expertise and shares their proven ideas with those on a quest for professional growth. Mentors receive as much, if not more, than they give. 

  • Embrace new insights: Engage with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from mentees. 
  • Elevate your expertise: Share and enrich your hard-earned experience, leaving a lasting impact. 
  • Pay it forward: Support high-quality evaluation practices, contributing to the professionalization of the community. 
  • Continuing excellence: Maintain your own professional development, earn professional learning hours for your CE and stay at the forefront of the field. 
  • Nurture future evaluators: Pass on your valuable knowledge and experience, and leave a lasting impression on the future of evaluation.

Whether you're just starting your career or a seasoned professional, this program is for you. It is like having or being a personal guide, unlocking a world of knowledge and opportunities for continued professional growth. From structured conversations to one-off meetings, the mentoring you engage in can take various forms tailored to each pair's needs. 

Here are some resources to start you on your journey: 


From time to time, CES also offers topic-specific mentoring opportunities. By signing up for the CES Mentoring Initiative, you'll be in the know about upcoming events.


Note: We have launched a new mentoring platform. If you were registered on the former platform, you will need to re-register on this new platform.

Mentors: It has come to our attention that some emails sent through the Mentoring Initiative portal by mentees may be inadvertently landing in spam or junk folders. To ensure you don't miss out on opportunities to connect with potential mentees, we kindly request you to regularly check your spam or junk folders.

We are actively working to resolve this issue, but in the meantime, your vigilance in checking these folders will help maintain smooth communication within the Mentoring Initiative.