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Maria Montenegro (CE)

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Maria Montenegro
Highlights Calendar Icon Virtual Health Leader, Evaluations and Strategy
Fraser Health Authority
Vancouver, British Columbia

The Path to Success

Why did you Join CES?

I decided to join CES in 2008 because I was trying to break into the field and needed to build my network and participate in professional development opportunities.

What do you value about CES?

As an emerging evaluator without formal training in evaluation, CES played a huge role in my early years. My first CES experience was through the Essential Skills Series course, which confirmed my interest in pursuing evaluation as a career and exposed me to the Credentialed Evaluator (CE) designation.

As I learned more about evaluation and realized how many competencies I still had to develop, working through the CES competencies helped me identify short- and long-term professional development goals, making the process less overwhelming. When I started new jobs, I communicated to my supervisors that my goal was to become a CE, which led to financial or mentorship support focused on specific competencies. I also used the competencies to develop additional goals as a mentee in the EvalYouth Global Mentorship Program. As a Credentialed Evaluator today, I continue to use the CE competencies to support my team’s growth.

Being part of a community like CES contributed to my career, especially when I was a young and emerging evaluator. I have developed friendships and connections that helped me improve as an evaluator and person. Attending CES events feels like being home.