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Sherri Bisset (PhD, CE)

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Sherri Bisset
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Innovation Discipline
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

A Wealth of Opportunities

Why did you Join CES?

I initially joined CES in 2002 as a young researcher to attend the Annual National Conference.

What do you value about CES?

When I began working as an independent evaluator, I did not have an organization that I could call “home.” CES provided a much-needed community, allowing me to connect with other evaluators. I joined the Quebec chapter (SQEP), and then became involved in the National Board of Directors. Through this, I became part of a close group of individuals. It was a wonderful networking opportunity for me and made me feel part of something that was bigger than myself. Through my involvement in CES, I can stay on top of the current debates, I know many of the major players in my field and I have developed many lasting friendships. I know I can count on CES to offer training and webinars, and post useful job and contract opportunities. This has been an important professional support to me: I have responded to offers and won contracts that I have found in the CES job postings.