See the C2023 Keynotes – and Reserve Your Spot Now!
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See the C2023 Keynotes – and Reserve Your Spot Now!

C2023 will feature three exceptional keynotes, each with discussants. If you can’t attend in person, register for access to the real-time broadcast of the keynotes through Zoom.

Let’s see what they will be about:

  • June 19: Yenny Vega Cárdenas, a lawyer in Quebec and Colombia, and President of the International Observatory for the Rights of Nature, explores the legal status of the environment and the legal protection of water and ecosystems. The discussants are Tammy Mudge, L'nu from Glooscap First Nation; Guy Lacroix, Research Chair in Economic Evaluation of Public Programs; and Beth Snow, Vice-President of the CES.
  • June 20: Thomas Archibald, Executive Director of the Center for International Research, Education and Development at Virginia Tech, shares an overview of evaluative thinking, exploring paradoxes and paradigmatic assumptions that are inherent to this concept, in an effort to advance our collective efforts to evolve evaluation in this rapidly changing world. The discussant is Maude Marquis-Bissonnette, Professor of Municipal Management at École nationale d’administration publique.
  • June 21: Sarah Leclerc, Director General of Results-Based Management Governance at the Quebec Treasury Board Secretariat, will provide a picture of program evaluation in Quebec and put the main issues related to evaluation practice in the government administration into perspective. The discussant is Richard Marceau, retired Professor at École nationale d'administration publique.

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