National Conference: Call for Proposals Open
Highlights Calendar Icon November 17, 2023

National Conference: Call for Proposals Open

We are seeking innovative contributions for our National Conference, "Renewal and Confluence: Navigating the Future of Evaluation," from May 5-8 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, that align with our three sub-themes, each exploring crucial aspects of evaluation practice.

  1. Evaluation and Renewal: What has the past taught us with respect to our evaluation practice? How might we ensure that our learnings improve the effectiveness, relevance and cultural responsiveness of our practice? How can we best position ourselves to build trust and accountability in a dynamic environment?
  2. Confluence: How can our field honour and include multiple worldviews and ways of knowing? How can we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology in our evaluation practice in a responsible manner? How can different forms of media be harnessed to increase the utilization of evaluative information? What is the role of change management in evaluation?
  3. Navigating Choppy Waters: How do we consider and promote the well-being of human and natural systems in evaluation practice? What are examples of ethical dilemmas faced in your evaluation practice? How can our profession promote a culture of respect, collaboration and learning together?

Visit the conference website for submission details and guidelines. Don't wait to submit your proposal; the deadline of December 4 is approaching fast. Join us in creating an unforgettable conference experience that will leave a lasting impact on the field of evaluation.