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Stats in Excel 1: Tidy Data Sets & Descriptive Statistics

Learn how to set up your spreadsheets, clean your data, choose appropriate analyses, and conduct common descriptive statistics in Microsoft Excel.

This self-paced course offers best practices and step-by-step instructions for getting the most out of your data in Excel. The course’s instructional videos and examples using real datasets allow you to practice these new skills.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Follow dataset best practices to make data retrieval, cleaning and analysis easier;
  • Use spreadsheet best practices and some features of Excel to ensure data quality assurance and quality control; and
  • Select from and use various descriptive statistics to be able to calculate values and determine conclusions.

Estimated time to complete: 10 hours

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of evaluation and of descriptive statistics

Evaluation Competencies addressed: [ ] reflective; [x] technical; [ ] situational; [ ] management; [ ] interpersonal

Note: For all self-paced courses on the e-Institute, you will be granted access once payment is received in full. You then have three months to complete the course starting from the date access is granted.

Stats in Excel 1: Tidy Data Sets & Descriptive Statistics


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Stats in Excel 2: Inferential Statistics

This facilitated course provides step-by-step instructions and best practices for performing common inferential statistical analyses using Microsoft Excel.

Qualitative Analysis & Reporting

This course covers all aspects of qualitative data analysis including creating an analytic framework, creating a codebook, coding data, selecting software to analyze qualitative data, increasing the trustworthiness of the analysis, and presenting qualitative data in reports.