Don't Miss These Workshops on June 18!
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Don't Miss These Workshops on June 18!

All pre-conference workshops on Sunday, June 18, are offered in person in Quebec City. Anyone can register, even those not attending conference. Attendance is generally capped at 20 persons.

The workshops will be delivered in the language of their titles below.

Half-day workshops – morning of June 18

  • Simon Roy, Pascale Latulippe : Techniques d’analyse qualitative et quantitative pour données qualitatives (niveau intermédiaire)
  • Karolina Kaminska : How to Start the Conversation about Corporate Evaluation and Performance Measurement Strategies in Your Organization (intermediate level)
  • Joseph Travers : Paradise by the Dashboard Light: A Beginner's Crash Course in Power BI (intermediate level)
  • Sidiq Ali : The Art and Science of Producing Effective Infographics (beginner level)

Half-day workshops – afternoon of June 18

  • Ian Hoopwood, Susan Igras, Mamadou Ndiaye, Coumba Touré : Pour et par des Jeunes : À la découverte des outils et méthodes d’évaluation favorisant la participation des adolescents et des jeunes (niveau intermédiaire)
  • Kadjo Samuel Alain Kouakou : Metaévaluation des politiques publiques et qualité des évaluations (niveau intermédiaire)
  • Susan M Wolfe, Ann W Price : Engaging the Community in Participatory Evaluation (intermediate level)
  • Jeanne Zimmer, Sandra Ayoo : Conflict-Management and Negotiation Skills for Evaluators in a Changing and Dynamic World (beginner level)

Full-day workshops June 18

  • Jennica Nichols, Maya Lefkowich : Beginner Arts-Based Evaluation Methods: Exploring Multi-Sensory Data Collection with Collage and Body Mapping (beginner level)
  • Keiko Kuji-Shikatani, Charmagne Campbell-Patton, Wendy Rowe : Evaluator Competencies for Global-Local (GLOCAL) Inquiry in 'Learning as We Go' (intermediate level)
  • Carolyn Hoessler, Brian Hoessler : Readying More Equitable Spaces: A Workshop on Stretching Perspectives (intermediate level)
  • Gail Vallance Barrington, Vanessa Anastasopoulos : Consulting Skills Express (intermediate level)
  • John Gargani, Robert McLean: Scaling Impact : New Ways to Plan, Manage, and Evaluate Scaling (intermediate level)
  • Michael Patton : Blue Marble Evaluation as Theory of Transformation (intermediate level)
  • Kaireen Chaytor, Tyler Campbell, Miranda Mackie : Internal Evaluation – Naming and Claiming Contribution (intermediate level)

Find the full descriptions and register on the conference website.