Virtual Workshop Registration : Hurry! Spots are Limited
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Virtual Workshop Registration : Hurry! Spots are Limited

There’s still time to register for the pre-conference online workshops on Saturday, June 17. Anyone can register, even those not attending conference. (The rate is the same.*)

Each workshop is limited to 20 people. Don’t be disappointed – register now!

The workshops will be delivered in the language of their titles below.

Half-day workshops: June 17 – morning

  • Salah Eddine Bouyousfi: The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: A Threat to the Supremacy of Social Scientists or an Opportunity for Evaluators to Depict a Social Transformative Change? (intermediate)
  • Coumba Toure: Evaluating Funders and Grantmakers Fostering Learning (beginner)
  • Jean Serge Quesnel: Panorama mondial de l’évaluation dans un monde changeant (niveau intermédiaire)
  • Brian Hoessler: Creating FUSE-ion : A Practical Tutorial for Evaluators Working in Urban Contexts

Half-day workshops: June 17 – afternoon

  • Leslie Fierro, Jennifer Hughes, Rebecca Gokiert: Developing the Future of Evaluation Capacity Building (intermediate)
  • Mike Trevisan, Tamara Walser: The Transformative Power and Potential of Evaluability Assessment (intermediate)
  • Jean Serge Quesnel: Diversité et complémentarité systémique des approches d’évaluation des interventions publiques (niveau intermédiaire)

Full-day workshops: June 17

  • Thomas Archibald : Evaluative Thinking to Enhance Evaluation Capacity and Quality (beginner)
  • Jérôme Leblanc: Formation en récolte des effets (« outcome harvesting ») (niveau intermédiaire)

Find the full descriptions and register on the conference website.

*This post has been updated, as it previously stated there was a difference in fees.