Find a Mentor through the CES Mentoring Initiative
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Find a Mentor through the CES Mentoring Initiative

Do you need a mentor? The new CES Mentoring Initiative platform is now available! Sign up here!

The Mentoring Initiative is free for CES members and you can register through your existing member account. Signing up only takes a minute, then you can access resources on mentoring, search for a mentor, and contact a potential mentor right away!

Mentees can be at any point in their career, from a student just discovering evaluation, to an emerging evaluator, to an experienced evaluator looking to grow in a specific area of practice or methodology.

As a CES Mentee you can benefit by:

  • Accelerating your professional journey
  • Expanding your network
  • Elevating your continuing education
  • Igniting fresh perspectives
  • Tapping into seasoned insights

If you have experience that you can share with others, sign up as a mentor too! You can indicate the topics that you are available to mentor on in your mentor profile.

CES mentors are looking forward to hearing from you!