Volunteer with CES: Join the FAQ Working Group
Highlights Calendar Icon February 6, 2024

Volunteer with CES: Join the FAQ Working Group

The Communications & Marketing Committee (C&M) is looking for volunteers to join a new working group tasked with enhancing the FAQs on the CES website.

A year ago, CES revamped its website and introduced a new membership management system, aiming to enhance the overall member experience. To support this, we encourage members with queries to check the website FAQs first. If the issue is not resolved, they are then encouraged to send an inquiry through the Contact Us form.

Now, in the post-implementation phase, we're eager to expand and refine our FAQs — and we need your assistance!

Working Group Task

The FAQ Working Group will start by analyzing data on the most frequently asked questions. Preliminary analyses suggest questions are often about the application processes for the CE designation, and membership applications and renewals.

Once content gaps are confirmed, the Working Group will collaborate with relevant committees/representatives to develop specific website content. This may involve collaboratively writing FAQs and answers or creating short videos that show how to navigate a process.

Commitment / Expectation

We're seeking a small group of members committed to the working group for one year. Online meetings will accommodate members' schedules, balancing tasks to advance the project within the specified timeframe.

Why Volunteer?

Joining the Working Group offers members:

  • Informal networking opportunities to connect with others, understand members' needs, and develop responses.
  • Evaluation practice–relevant skill development, through data analysis and synthesis, writing, tailoring communications (KTE), etc.
  • Strengthening business-relevant competencies, including strategic communications.

Next Steps

If you are interested, please submit your name to C&M Chair Diane Billingsley by February 19, 2024.

If you still have questions, email Diane Billingsley or Sharlene Wolbeck Minke.

Our first meeting will be scheduled for the last week of February.