Call for Volunteer Student and Emerging Evaluator Representative on the CES Board of Directors
Highlights Calendar Icon June 5, 2024

Call for Volunteer Student and Emerging Evaluator Representative on the CES Board of Directors

To coordinate and improve support for students and emerging evaluators, and to ensure the Board is responsive to their needs, the CES Board of Directors is recruiting for a new student and emerging evaluator representative for their Board of Directors.

The Student and Emerging Evaluator Representative (SEER) will support students and emerging evaluators within CES, represent their interests on the Board and advise the Board on all issues that may affect emerging evaluators. The responsibilities of the SEER are to connect with students and emerging evaluators to:

  • raise their awareness of CES resources and opportunities;
  • report on their relevant activities, challenges and opportunities to the Board;
  • facilitate the participation of students and emerging evaluators in CES;
  • maintain connection with other initiatives that supporting students and emerging evaluators;
  • and advise the Board on matters of interest to student and emerging evaluators.

See the Terms of Reference [TOR-13] for more information on the SEER role.

The SEER will be a Member at Large with a one-year renewable appointment as a voting member of the Board. Typically, the Board meets at least once every 6 weeks via conference call and face-to-face twice a year. All Board members are expected to join at least one of the Board Committees, which is another meeting, usually monthly via conference call.

CES is committed to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. In recruiting for the SEER, we welcome the unique contributions that student and emerging evaluators can bring in terms of their diverse points of view, including the intersectionality of linguistic, cultural, ethnic, gender, Indigenous and other identity factors.

The Board is currently recruiting a volunteer to serve in this role. If you are interested in this role and have any questions, please contact Cassandra Parsons at

To apply, submit your CV and Expression of Interest and three references to Cassandra Parsons at Your expression of interest should answer why you are the best candidate for this position. Specifically, how might you carry out the responsibilities of the position and what outcomes would you work to achieve? What strengths do you bring to the Board and what skills would you hope to develop while there? Your references should be able to speak to your advocacy within the evaluation field.

The deadline for submissions is June 22, 2024.

Once we have received the Expressions of Interest, a subcommittee of the Board will review them and select up to three candidates for interviews. After checking the references of the top-listed candidate, the subcommittee will then recommend a candidate to the Board for a full vote.