Board of Directors


The Board of Directors, elected at a meeting of the members in September 2019, are: 

Paul Kishchuk, President: Paul is a public finance economist with 25 years of applied research experience. He holds BA and MA degrees in economics and founded Vector Research, an independent economic research consultancy in 1999. Paul has completed more than 20 evaluation projects (monitoring frameworks, formative / summative evaluations) for Yukon clients in the public and not-for profit sectors. Paul is hoping to see the practice of evaluation evolve in a manner appropriate for the Yukon's small population sizes and diverse communities. 

Amos Westropp, Secretary and Treasurerbio to come

Gaye Hanson, Director-at-Large: bio to come

Diane Billingsley, Director-at-Large & National Representative: bio to come

Helen Stappers, Director-at-Large: bio to come