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Apply for a new membership through an on-line form or through the membership application form ( Canadian Resident or International Resident) available in PDF format available in PDF format.

To renew your membership, access the Membership Management System.

Annual membership fees

For members joining or renewing who reside in Canada, provincial taxes apply to annual membership fees:

  • Individual member: $195
  • New Practitioner member NEW! Available for a period of 2 consecutive years to recent graduates from a degree or diploma program, in the past 2 years: $100
  • Full-time student member: $100
  • Senior member: $100
  • Not-for-Profit (for employees of a community not-for-profit organization): $100
  • Library member: $250


For International residents, the annual membership fees:

  • Individual member: $195
  • Joint AEA, AES, ANZEA, or EES individual member: $146.25
  • New Practitioner member NEW! Available for a period of 2 consecutive years to recent graduates from a degree or diploma program, in the past 2 years : $100
  • Full-time student member: $100
  • Joint AEA, AES, ANZEA, or EES student member: $75.00
  • Senior member: $100
  • Global South (a resident of the Global South defined in Table C of the Statistical Annex of the 2016 United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects and who are members of their national evaluation society: $100
  • Library member: $250

Why become a member?

Click here for a short presentation brochure that summarizes the CES, who we aim to reach  and the benefits of membership.

By becoming a Member of the Canadian Evaluation Society, you join a community of practice of over 1,800 professional evaluator’s coast-to-coast dedicated to world-class professional standards.  As part of a vibrant professional development network, you will also benefit from tangible rewards.

You will have access to exclusive networking opportunities to engage with colleagues, you will stay informed and access the latest in training and professional.

When you join the CES, you enter a diverse network composed of self-employed, provincial & federal government, university, private business, students and NGO evaluators. We aim to support individuals with varying levels of evaluation knowledge and experience, including students, new practitioners, applied researchers and users of evaluation results.

Figure 1:  CES Membership Profile (2014 data)


As a Member you will become part of the CES, the longest-established professional evaluation association and organizational leader in the evaluation sector nationally and internationally since 1980.  Represented at all levels of government, private sector and civil society, CES Members work locally to internationally to contribute to the evolution of evaluation practice and development of evaluation culture at home and abroad.  The CES is dedicated to promoting the critical role of evaluators to improve program design and inform evidence-based decisions.

Knowledge & Professional Development

As a Member, you will have access to the latest knowledge and professional development tools for evaluators, and are welcome to contribute to them.

  • Members subscribe to the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation to stay informed on theory and practice, as well as to Evaluation Practice Notes sharing practical knowledge, experiences and lessons learned.
  • The CES offers multiple points of access to learning, including vetted webinars (current and past webinars available to members), chapter conferences and sponsored training events, and our annual national conference.  We provide annual course offerings in essential skills and targeted courses on key aspects of evaluation, such as the development of surveys and logic models.  All learning opportunities are aligned with the established competencies for Canadian evaluators.  Learning sessions are tiered (beginner to advanced) to support the CES Credentialed Evaluator designation and the community’s learning needs.


As a Member, you will join the professional voice of the CES to raise evaluation awareness locally, nationally and internationally. Members are consulted informally and formally and their feedback is integrated into CES’s actions and decision-making.  The CES is committed to expanding the reach of the evaluation profession in Canada and beyond, promoting the use of evaluation, and establishing robust industry standards.


You will connect to the broader CES community of evaluators in your region and across the country informally and formally. Members are invited to provide input on priorities, and are welcome to comment on most pages of the CES website.

The 'members only' section of the website includes the latest evaluation news, job postings and contracts and training opportunities.  

Members can be paired with, or offer coaching as, Mentors.  As a dynamic group with increasing numbers of Members work locally to internationally, the CES is open to new ways of reaching Members wherever they are.

Also, find us on LinkedIn,Facebook and Twitter

Recognition & Awards

As a Member, you will have an opportunity to formally recognize your depth of experience and knowledge through the Credentialed Evaluator (CE) designation. The CES is the accreditation body for CE designation according to core competencies, standards and ethics.

Prominent members are recognized and awarded for their contribution to the sector at the CES national conference, through annual awards for practitioners and students.


You will be welcome to contribute to CES activities and to engage in the field of evaluation in any number of ways:  join your local chapter; support an ad hoc working group; deliver a presentation at provincially and nationally organized trainings or conferences; offer webinars; attend networking events; mentoring new evaluators; publishing in the Canadian Journal or Program Evaluation (CJPE) or the CES grey literature database. We want your ideas!


As a Member, you will benefit from CES relationships with targeted service and support providers relevant to our work as evaluators.  In addition to access to CJPE and discounts for conferences and trainings, CES Members have access to a variety of products to facilitate their work.  Members receive a value-added return on your membership investment by participating in these offers, listed below.

How Members Save

As a CES Member, you can receive discounts on courses, events and conferences. The cost of membership will be offset as you take advantage of the growing list of benefits available:

Learning benefits:

Cost-saving benefits:

Networking benefits:

How to use benefit plans

Some feedback from members:

"I have just purchased car insurance with TD under the CES package. Same cars as last year, and same coverage = $846 instead of $1,600! And we saved about $1,500 on the house+cottage insurance!"

"I saved about 20% lower than the next cheapest car rental option using CES' member code for National Car rental; best to compare each time to be sure"

"My insurance broker confirmed that there is no way they could beat the Hub package for CES' professional liability (E&O) and general corporate insurance!"