1. What is a webinar?
    A webinar is a seminar presented over the Internet or World Wide Web (Web + seminar = webinar) and viewed with a computer with an Internet connection. Webinars consist of both visual and audio information. A telephone is not required but a computer equipped with speakers is the best way to experience the webinar. A webinar can also be listened to via the use of a telephone but again the best learning experience is attained with the use of a computer equipped with speakers so that you can attend to both the visual and audio components of the presentation.
  2. What do I need?
    A quiet room with a computer equipped with speakers connected to the Internet.
  3. Where are webinars held? How far must I travel to attend a webinar?
    Since the content of the webinar is delivered directly to your computer, there is no need to travel anywhere. You may 'attend' a webinar anywhere there is a computer with Internet access: your office, at home, or while traveling. Webinars allow the sharing of information without the travel and other costs associated with traditional seminars and workshops.
  4. How do I participate in a webinar?
    You simply register on the website and then use the information provided to you in an email you will receive the day prior to the webinar. This information includes instructions, a link to "Join the meeting".
  5. How do I ask questions of presenters during a webinar?
    We will be using Go-To-Webinar which will allow you to ask questions via a text-typing tool (i.e. chat box) in the webinar's interface. Simply type your question at any time during the webinar and the moderator of the webinar will forward the question to the presenter(s) to respond.
  6. How much participation is required of me?
    From simply watching the slide presentation and listening to the audio broadcast, to asking as many questions of the presenters as you like and time permits, your level of participation is completely up to you.
  7. Will other people be aware that I am attending?
    The webinar moderator will know and sometimes will let the presenter(s) know the first name of the person asking a question.
  8. What is the cost to attend a webinar?
    CES webinars are free for CES members.
  9. How do I register and pay for a webinar?
    Simply go to Upcoming Webinars and click on the Register button indicating you would like to attend and follow the instructions.
  10. How will I get my CEU credit for attending a CES webinar?
    Please retain a copy of your receipt and this Web site description for your records, and use in your future CE Renewal Application.
  11. Will there be any handouts or other material available from the webinar?
    This will be determined by the presenter of each webinar.
  12. Are any of the webinars offered at any other time than the dates stated?
    If there is enough demand a webinar may be repeated in the future. If a presenter gives written consent to CES to offer the webinar recording and/or materials for purchase to people who could not attend, this will be stated in the webinar announcement and a link will be provided to a Webinar order form. These recordings may be eligible for CEC credit.