In this article we describe our experiences using a Community-Based Participatory Research orientation (CBPR; Minkler & Wallerstein, 2003) with a group of community professionals in healthcare institutions. The purpose of the project was to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate an online dementia care program for registered and non-registered healthcare workers in longterm care homes who work with residents with dementia. The Demand-Driven Learning Model (DDLM; MacDonald, Stodel, Farres, Breithaupt, & Gabriel, 2001) was used to guide this process. The CBPR approach allowed multiple views, attitudes, and experiences to strengthen the content, delivery, and evaluation of the program. By addressing some of the issues involved in the process, we hope that our experiences documented in this article will help others develop research partnerships with community professionals, as well as plan, implement, and evaluate collaborative online healthcare training programs.