Winner, Service to the Society Award, 2015

Citation (by Janet Ivory)

It is my pleasure to present the 2015 Service to CES Award to Tracy Fiander Trask. I’d also like to thank and acknowledge François Dumaine and Kaireen Chaytor for supporting Tracy’s nomination. Unlike the awards that have been presented so far during today’s Awards Luncheon, the Service to CES Award recognizes contributions made to the work of CES. For many years, Tracy has dedicated her time and expertise in service to the CES. Her contributions are many, span almost two decades and have left lasting results at the Chapter and National levels.

Tracy’s contributions to CES began in 1998 while she was a student at Memorial University of Newfoundland and had volunteered to conduct an evaluation of the CES National conference. For the next 17 years, Tracy provided insightful advice while in service to CES that have improved CES’ administrative and financial practices. She held leadership roles that included co-chairing two successful CES national conferences which were held in 2002 and 2012 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Tracy joined the Nova Scotia Chapter Board in 2004 and held key roles of Treasurer and President, and during her tenure she established lasting relationships with the academic community and implemented sound financial management practices. Tracy joined the CES National Board of Directors in 2006 as the Nova Scotia representative, and later led the Administration Committee and also held the role of Treasurer. Tracy’s calm, respectful, well-reasoned contributions were critical in supporting CES during this period of significant change.

Please join me in congratulating Tracy Fiander Trask as this year’s recipient of the Canadian Evaluation Society Service to the Society Award.

Acceptance speech

I am very humbled to receive the Service to CES award. I want to express my appreciation to Janet Ivory, François Dumaine and Kaireen Chaytor for this nomination. I also want to thank my colleagues at National Council for recognizing my contribution to CES.

As Janet mentioned I have been volunteering with CES for many years. From my parents, I learned the importance of volunteer work and from my graduate studies at MUN, I learned the value of contributing to my professional community. CES has provided me with the opportunity to achieve both of these goals. Most importantly, my work with CES has provided me with a chance to work with strong leaders from across the country. I have seen extraordinary individuals like Francois Dumain and Larry Bremner sacrifice their time and energy to make CES what it is today and it has impacted how I approach many other areas of my professional career. I have also developed lasting friendships that I will carry with me throughout my career. I can honestly say that I received more from my volunteer relationship with CES than gave back.

Words cannot express how touched I am to have receive this award.

Personal circumstances have not allowed me to receive this award here in Montreal, but I hope to see you all next year in St. Johns.