Terms of Reference

Credentialing Board


1. Role and Responsibilities

The Credentialing Board (CB) is a decision making mechanism of the CES, constituted as an integral component of the Professional Designations Program. Under the direction of the Vice President, Professional Designations Program, the Board’s role is to: 

 Make fair, timely and equitable decisions on applications and appeals for a CE, using guidelines and criteria established by CES National Council;

 Act as ambassadors for the CES and the Professional Designations program in professional exchanges within the Evaluation Community (domestically and internationally);

 Provide meaningful and substantive input into the ongoing development and renewal of a Professional Designations Program, including, but not limited to:

the CES Ethics, Standards and Competencies, 

the established CE qualifications, 

CB policies, guidelines and processes

Other aspects of the Professional designations program as may be developed / pursued.

 Support the recruitment of new CB Members undertaken by the VP of the professional designations program and provide orientation and decision support to new CB members;

 In the conduct of their work, Credentialing Board members are required to make impartial and professional decisions, and:

 Must adhere to CES Guidelines for Ethical Conduct and the Credentialing Board Procedures and Guidelines,

 Hold all information within the CB process in the strictest confidence,

 Declare and abstain from decisions involving applicants with whom they have a personal relationship 


2. Board Membership   

2. The Board will consist of minimum of 10 members, selected by the CES National Council. 

 Expressions of interest will be sought through the CES National Council from those who have received a CES National award and from CES fellows. Selection of CB Members will be led by the VP, Professional Designations Program, with colleagues from National Council and or senior Members from the CB, to ensure a panel and fair recruitment. CB Member recommendations must be approved by CES Executive. 

Any misrepresentation or misstatement in, or omission in the Board membership selection application, whether intentional or not, shall constitute cause for automatic and immediate rejection of the application resulting in denial of appointment. 

Positions on the Board will be three years with 2 renewable terms, maximum of 9 years. Members may choose to be re-appointed after three years based on the criteria and processes set forth in the Credentialing Board Policy and Guidelines. 

Every new Board member will be a CES member and as such would be familiar with the CES.

 All board members must be CES credentialed.

 CB members are provided with orientation / training in accordance with the CB guidelines. 

 It is not assumed that new Board members will or can be well-versed in reviewing credentials or understanding how to apply the competencies and descriptors. 

CB Members will provide a sufficient level of training to new Board members so that they understand the Committee structures; know the Executive Committee, and the credentialing process. 

CES-CB will be populated by both English and French speaking members, so that the decision process is made in the language of submission.


3. Communication and Accountability 

3. The CB works, for the most part, through distance communications.  Members are encouraged to interact and consult amongst each other as needed. 

The VP, Professional Designations Program, is responsible for maintaining communications amongst Members. The VP will arrange for an annual conference call of CB Members and Chair an in-person meeting annually at the CES National Conference. 

CB members are accountable to the VP, Professional Designation Programs, for all matters related to their role and responsibilities on the Board. They provide information and data on their function to inform the development of new and improved practices within the CB and Professional Designations Program.  The VP reports on the work of the CB in each National Council meeting, to include at minimum:

Number of applications, number approved, number denied

Number of appeals, number approved, number denied

Average time for CB decisions, average time for appeals

Recruitment and Membership of the CB

The VP, Professional Designations Program, in consultation with Board Members as needed, develops monitors and reports to National Council and the CES Treasurer on the annual budget for the program.

The VP, Professional Designations Program and CB Members as needed are responsible for creating and maintaining good communication links with National Council, CES Executive and all of the standing Committees of CES.


4. Time Commitment and Entitlements 

4. Time commitment for a CB Member is, at this stage of the program’s development not known. This will be monitored in the implementation phase and this document updated in year 2 of the program. 

Board members will be asked individually by the Application Administrator to review the applications using the Professional Designations Program secure system. In the initial phase of the Credentialing System implementation, there may be variations in the time commitment necessary as determined by the CES Vice President of Credentialing in consultation with the CES Executive.

An in-person meeting of all members of the Credentialing Board will take place during the CES Annual Conference. 

Being a CB Member entails a commitment of personal time and, in some instances, funds. Members are entitled to an honorarium-type per diem, based on the level of effort expended and the volume of CB decisions processed. The honorarium rate will be reviewed by the VP and CES Executive on a 3 year cycle. Other expenses must be pre-approved by the VP, Professional Designations Program prior to being incurred. 

Approved expenses incurred in carrying out the duties of the Credentialing Review Board will be covered by CES.