Winner, Award for Contribution to Evaluation in Canada, 2015

Citation (by Michael Obrecht)

Bonjour tout le monde.

In 105 seconds you will have an opportunity to congratulate Steve Montague for receiving the CES Award for Contribution to evaluation in Canada.

Many of you already know Steve.

You may have attended one of his conference presentations in Canada or around the world.

You may have been taught by Steve in the Essential Skills Series or at Carleton University.

You may have received advice from him in his role as management consultant.

Steve may be a colleague, a friend or a family member.

Or, you may be meeting Steve for the first time.

En 64 secondes, you will meet a person who is totally dedicated to improving evaluation.

Steve has advanced the discipline by illustrating the importance of three questions that help produce evaluations that are focused and useful. The three questions are as follows:

  1. What is the actual sphere of influence for a program?
  2. Who are the people that the program is trying to reach?
  3. How do other organizations contribute to the program’s capacity to reach the target population?

Steve exemplifies an evaluation professional. He is respectful, broad minded, knows evaluation theory, and is a meticulous practitioner. He has vision, drive and a passion for continuous learning.

S’il vous plait, tout le monde, in 16 seconds, place your hands together, or ring a spoon against your glass, or even raise a lighted lighter, for an award winning evaluation professional… Steve Montague.

Acceptance speech

Thank you very much, It is truly an honor to be nominated for this award by Michael Obrecht who represents so many of the key attributes – such as honesty, integrity and selfless contribution – to which we should all aspire. I also want to thank the selection committee, CES Executive, the other nominators – V, Michel and John and I want to thank all of you who as students, colleagues, teachers, clients, associates, friends – and some who are all of the above – for your support over the years. With that in mind I want to specifically thank my wife of 31 plus years Carolyn and my business partner of 26 plus years Suzanne for their longstanding support. It is also particularly gratifying to be able to show off my tribe like this to my father and his partner Mary – who have taught me that learning is a life-long journey.

And our journey is by no means over – because as I look at our presence, our diversity and our energy here today I see that our tribe is strong. So I look forward to continuing our journey together. Let us reach, learn and influence. Thank you.