In July and August, the CES was heavily involved in overseeing the conduct of the evaluation of the Professional Designations Program (PDP), in bringing its policies and procedures up to date, in setting up actions plans for 2015-2016, and in finalizing the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.

The PDP is a CES flagship program. I am profoundly proud to present it and discuss it everywhere I go in Canada and abroad. Yet it can be perfected. This is why the evaluation currently being conducted under contract by the Claremont Evaluation Center is so important to independently guide CES in strengthening the path of professionalization. I hope that you will take some time to contribute to this evaluation if you are invited to do so in a survey or interview.

During the summer, Board members, in particular members of its Governance and Process Committee, were involved in an in-depth review and update of the Society's policies, procedures, and terms of reference. This is a very important aspect of managing the CES that usually does not appear on the members' radar screen. Such housekeeping to keep CES's governing rules and directives up to date ensures that everyone in the Society's structure plays by the same rule book and adheres to the same protocol. It also facilitate decision-making and avoid time-consuming management of exceptions. This work will be completed in the fall.

Each member of the Executive Committee worked with their standing committee or working group to establish an action plan for 2015-2016. These plans are ambitious but realistic. They translate the intentions expressed at the Annual General Meeting as part of the presentation of the budget: 2015-2016 will see increased action on all fronts – the credentialing program, professional learning, communications, sponsorship, fellowship, international activity as well as improved governance.

Feedback on the draft CES Strategic Plan 2015-2018 was received from CES chapters and members. Adjustments were made to the plan and other useful inputs have been shared with standing committees and working groups for consideration in planning. The new Plan has required that the Board build a definition of evaluation and revisit the Society's mission and vision – all in all, a very constructive exercise. We are now working on finalizing the corresponding action plan and performance indicators to guide implementation. The Strategic Plan will be made public early in the fall. Thank you to all who participated.

Finally, I am glad to report that the 2015 Conference in Montreal was not only a resounding success professionally but that it also produced a substantial profit that will be reinvested in the relentless pursuit of the professionalization of evaluation, value for members, and advocacy for the profession. Thank you to the entire Conference organizing committee for achieving such great results.


Benoît Gauthier, President of the Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors: Gail Barrington (Vice-President), Simon Roy (Treasurer), Robert Chatwin (Secretary; Nova Scotia), Larry Bremner (Past President), Réanne Kinsella (Chair, Communication and Marketing; Newfoundland and Labrador), Kate Woodman (Chair, Professional Learning; Alberta and NWT), Brenda Wedge (Chair, Governance and Process; Prince Edward island), Sidiq Ali (Ontario), Denise Belanger (Manitoba), Jacques Bérard (SQEP), Kathy Gerber (National Capital), Maureen Matthew (Saskatchewan), Sandra Sellick (British Columbia and Yukon), Brenda Stead (New Brunswick), Rebecca Mellett (Executive Director).