Dear CES members:

Only two months into my two-year term as President of CES, I am struck by the number and variety of directions that CES' efforts take. Yet, we plan for even more action. I am very pleased to provide you with my first report as President of the CES Board of Directors. I will endeavour to keep you informed at key moments through the year.

Over the past two months, the Governance and Process Committee has developed guidelines for Chapters and National in line with the Canada Anti-Spam legislation; this document will be distributed to Chapters momentarily. The Communication and Marketing committee has prepared a discussion paper regarding the access status to the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation; it will be the basis for a consultation of members that will take place in September. A summer student has squirreled away at populating the new CES Web site; the official launch will probably take place in October. The Board of Directors has devised a job description for an Executive Director for CES; it will be advertised in October. A Steering Committee for the evaluation of the Credentialed Evaluator designation and the Professional Designation Program is being created; the committee will finalize a Request for Proposal and issue it in the fall. The 2015 Montreal Conference Committee has been working hard putting together the requests for proposals for workshops and presentations that will be issued this fall. An agreement was signed with the Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter of the CES to host the 2016 Conference in St.John's; start preparing your travel plans! And the British Columbia and Yukon Chapter has expressed an interest in hosting the 2017 Conference in Vancouver.

Your society's Board of Directors has spent a good part of the summer planning its priorities and actions for 2014-2015. Key priorities for this year include:

  • deliver eight webinars;
  • finalize the new version of the Essential Skills Series;
  • develop intermediate training professional learning offerings;
  • support the organization and delivery of the annual conference;
  • improve the Credentialed Evaluator designation program;
  • communicate the importance of the CE designation for evaluation professionalization;
  • improve member benefits;
  • consult on the status of the CJPE and institute new CJPE access rules;
  • develop and start implementing a CES communication plan;
  • develop and start implementing advocacy initiatives;
  • launch a new Web site that will be more interactive and livelier;
  • celebrate 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation;
  • actively represent CES and Canadian evaluation on the international scene;
  • hire an Executive Director;
  • create of an Audit Committee;
  • formalize the relationship between National and Chapters;
  • update and create needed policies.

Your Board of Directors will be busy serving you well. Your personal contribution is certainly welcome. If you would like to contribute as a volunteer toward one of these initiatives, or if you have suggestions for new initiatives, please contact Reanne Kinsella at [email protected].

Don't hesitate to reach out to me for anything CES-related. You can reach me at President and on Twitter at @BGauthierCEEA.

Until my next report, I wish you a colourful and safe fall.

Benoît Gauthier
President of the CES Board of Directors