By: Larry Bremner and Nicole Bowman

Call for Submissions due May 31

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The purpose of Roots and Relations (RR) is to honour our lineage, grow our kinship, and sustain our intergenerational legacies of Indigenous wisdom and practices in and through evaluation. R&R will work to sacredly hold traditional knowledge, celebrate and make visible culture and language utilization, protect and assert sovereignty, provide space for Indigenous voices and celebrate Indigenous wisdom and innovations in and through the lens of evaluation.

The vision for R&R is that it will:

  1. Develop and sustain a welcoming and safe space for any Indigenous led contributions to be considered, discussed, reviewed, and published in order to keep evaluation decolonized and with an Indigenous focus (p. 353, Bowman, Dodge Francis, and Tyndall, 2015).
  2. Establish a place of Indigenous branded scholarship where Indigenous contributors can offer a diverse offering of published evaluation work that is not limited only to text submissions.
  3. Utilize blended model for the editorial process that incorporates a traditional Indigenous framework and review process for the purposes of curious inquiry, holistic human development, engaged learning, and kinship supports on the pathway to future publication.
  4. Inclusion of intergenerational relationships (youth or young adults through Elders) so the origins and purposes of RR remains rooted in traditional knowledge and language, cultural protocols and practices, nation-to-nation (Bowman, 2019) and inclusion of Tribal/First Nation sovereignty, and Indigenous ethics as a sustainable, regenerative, and celebratory pathway for publishing representative Indigenous scholarship.

R&R submissions are aligned with the four directions of the Medicine Wheel (Bowman, 2018) that help us have a holistic and traditionally rooted perspective as we view evaluation:  

  • Eastern Door – Be a Good Relative. We come to the work rested and ready in ways that reflect traditional, cultural, and spiritual ways of knowing as a process where we respectfully listen and seek to understand first, then decide on best pathways together.
  • Southern Door – Be of Good Mind. This is the awakening, rooting, and centering of pre-contact and post-contact Indigenous and community- centered and created knowledge and practices that are restorative, regenerative, strength based, protect the privacy, and respect the sovereignty of Indigenous nations related to data, cultural, intellectual, human, and non-human.
  • Western Door – Do Good Work. This supports the development of culturally specific responsive and regenerative strategies, studies, policies, processes, and work products that align with the need for healthy, reciprocal, respectful and relevant Indigenous approaches to evaluation.
  • Northern Door – Be on a Good Journey. Using the wisdom of our Ancestors and Elders, we will be grounded in traditional knowledge to celebrate and share what is working and embrace and learn from challenges. We will support walking on sacred pathways for innovative and sustainable Indigenous evaluation that inspires the next Seven Generations.

Submissions – Possible Topics/Content

Possible topics or content addressed by the submissions might include: origin stories; traditional knowledge; oral history; Indigenous theories, frameworks, ethics; working nation to nation; treaties; oral agreements, innovative approaches to Indigenous evaluation; traditional ways of sense making; sustainability; environmental stewardship; differentiating what “wisdom” is (our Elders) vs. simply the production of more knowledge (western ways).

Submissions – Format

Submissions will be accepted in the following formats; written, audio-recorded, video-recorded, visual representations such as photo collage and, artwork.

All submissions must be accompanied by an abstract and the authors must identify which door the submission address and in what ways. Word counts, file formats (for audio, video, or TBD) will be refined with CJPE based on capacities and platform we use for submission.

Review process