Winner, Service to the Society Award, 2002

Richard Allingham is the Director of Evaluation and Research for the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, a position he has held since 1988. Prior to that appointment, he had received graduate degrees in both Statistics and Business and was employed as a private sector evaluation consultant. In 1992, with some gentle persuasion from Arnold Love, Richard began a CES career with the Ontario Chapter in the roles of a Board Member, Chair of the Chapter, and Past Chair which he continued to 1997.

In 1994, as representative of the Ontario Chapter, Richard became a member of the National Council and a member of the Administration Committee. He was Chair of the Committee from 1996-1997. Notwithstanding his later Council responsibilities, he remained an integral member and valued counsel to the Committee. In 1997, Richard began his first term of four terms as Secretary/Treasurer of the Society and remained in this demanding and important role until May, 2001. In all, Richard served as a member of Executive Council for five years from 1996 to 2001.

Over his seven years on National Council, in both " the best of times and the worst of times", Richard's contributions to the Society were continuous and to many facets of our organization.

He initiated and implemented many by-law and organizational changes. He performed a comprehensive review of the Scholarship Foundation and developed the guidelines. He played an integral role in the Conference Review Committee which resulted in changes in our conferencing policies. Richard managed our SSHRC travel grants and developed most of our fiscal policies and guidelines. These are just a few of his formal contributions.

Of equal importance to the cited contributions, are Richard's many hours spent assessing difficult issues and developing solutions for our continued organizational and financial health as a national Society. Four Presidents, their Councils and Executive Council came to rely, even today, on his ready, thoughtful and able counsel in those "best and worst" of times. Over seven years, Richard Allingham became a valued resource and trusted friend of Council and the Society.

In closing, we have purposively omitted one of Richard's first contributions, the CES Council Manual. It was a very "weighty" guide and record for both new and old Councils and Executive that ensured our continuity. It reminded us of our responsibilities, operations, and policy decisions. It was our point of reference. Not a detail was missed, except one. It lacked a section on Role Models for Councillors and Executive in which he should have been one of the first entries.

Linda Lee, Past President
J. Kopachevsky, Past Vice President
May 2002