There has yet, it seems, to be a review of the literature specifi cally explor-ing evaluation capacity building (ECB) for chronic disease prevention (CDP). To guide efforts to build evaluation capacity for CDP, a rapid review of the literature was undertaken using systematic methods. A search was conducted of the grey and academic literature to explore ECB strategies in CDP, and 14 articles were retained. CDP ECB strategies were similar to general public health ECB eff orts (multi-strategy, context-specific, experiential). Articles included a focus on how to maintain ECB over long periods and in light of staff turnover, both of which were described as being prevalent in the CDP context. Evaluating influence at multiple levels (individual, organizational, system) is also important. There is room for more clarity about the “how” of ECB strategies, and about specificity to CDP. Keywords: chronic disease prevention, evaluation capacity, evaluation capacity building.