From the Outside, Looking In with a Smile: A Summary and Discussion of CES's Credentialed Evaluator Designation

Authors :

Drawing upon information presented in this issue, the article discusses the CES's Credentialed Evaluator designation using three frameworks: the Context, Inputs, Processes, and Products (CIPP) model to provide an overview of the program; developmental evaluation to examine key events and principles in the program's evolution; and adaptive action to raise issues both for the CES as it revises the program and for others around the world as they consider the possible benefits and risks of establishing evaluator credentialing programs. The Credentialed Evaluator designation has provided proof of concept for a viable evaluator credentialing system run by a voluntary organization of professional evaluators (VOPE). Specific considerations in moving forward in settings beyond Canada include the following: (a) the exercise of caution when using evaluator competencies to structure a credentialing program, (b) the importance of a perceived need for or value of a credential, (c) skillful attention to milieu, (d) finding qualified and committed people to develop and manage the program, and (e) ensuring that all stakeholders, including those outside the profession, are involved.

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