Our Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces

Professional Learning Committee

The Professional Learning Committee is responsible for identifying the knowledge and skills relevant to the professional practice of evaluation in Canada, and for supporting and promoting their acquisition.

Communications and Marketing Committee

The Communication and Marketing Committee reports to the CES Board of Directors. The Communication and Marketing Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling  its oversight responsibilities regarding communication to members, the promotion of the Society and membership services.

 Governance and Process Committee

The purpose of the Governance and Process Committee is to ensure that the CES Board of Directors fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate governance policy development and monitoring of Board activities and processes.

 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the direction and management of the property, business and affairs of the Society between meetings of the Board of Directors.

 Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reports to the CES Board of Directors. The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities in the areas of financial reporting, internal control systems and the annual audit processes.

CES Host Chapter Conference Organizing Committee

The purpose of the CES Host Chapter Conference Organizing Committee is to collaborate with the CES National Conference Committee on conference matters. 

Fellows Executive Committee

The purpose of this committee includes but is not restricted to selecting new Fellows. Rather this committee represents the voices of the Fellowship and draws upon their leadership and experience in furthering the objectives of the CES and advising the National Council on various matters, including policies, procedures and awards. The committee is responsible for communicating and consulting with the entire body of CES Fellows as needed.

Credentialing Board

The CES Credentialing Board (CES-CB) is the decision-making body for the Professional Designations Program. CB members serve for three-year terms, renewable twice (maximum nine years).  They are tasked with considering the merits of members' application for credentialed status, through confidential review, and making fair, timely and objective decisions on applications and appeals for the designation using guidelines and criteria established by CES National Board.

Ethical Guidelines Review Task Force

The purpose of the CES Ethical Guidelines Task Force is to review and as necessary, renew CES’s Ethics Statement.

Curriculum Advisory Board

The purpose of the CES e-Institute Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) is to support course development and review and the evaluation of the e-Institute.

Culturally Responsive Reference Group

The CES e-Institute CRG will be composed of CES members or non-member experts who have topic specific expertise. It is chaired by the CES e-Institute Director. Membership will be up to six people.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability Committee

The new standing committee will carry on and evolve the good work of the current working groups. This new governance structure will enable CES to be more accountable, responsive, and coordinated in its approaches and commitments to these guiding principles.