Organizational Capacity to Do and Use Evaluation: Results of a Pan-Canadian Survey of Evaluators

Authors :

Despite increasing interest in the integration of evaluative inquiry into organizational functions and culture, the availability of empirical research addressing organizational capacity building to do and use evaluation is limited. This exploratory descriptive survey of internal evaluators in Canada asked about evaluation capacity building in the context of organizational characteristics (learning, support structures), evaluative activity and use, and variables that mediate use. We received a total of 340 usable responses to an online survey. This article provides a descriptive account of the findings with a cursory look at differences across respondent role, organization type, and self-reported perceived level of evaluation knowledge. Results showed a pattern of moderately high ratings of organizational learning and support functions, the extent to which evaluation is being conducted and used, and stakeholder involvement in evaluation. Some differences across respondent roles, organization type, and evaluation knowledge were observed. Results are discussed in terms of an agenda for future inquiry.

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