Lessons from the Trenches - Conversation on Evaluation Bloopers and Lessons


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Every year, TalentEgg conducts a nationwide survey of student opinions, goals and preferences for their future careers and employers of choice and presents the results in a published report to an audience of employers and career educators at the TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference. Over the past year, TalentEgg has been conducting additional informal outreach via social media and online surveys to obtain detailed feedback specifically from the Gen Z cohort in our community of students in university and college, as well as high school. The results reveal a startling departure from the stereotypical "Millennial" that provides a new framework for attracting young talent. Having grown up as the first native digital generation in history and in the shadow of a global recession, Gen Z young people demonstrate characteristics unique from their millennial predecessors that will influence the way employers attract, engage and recruit top young talent in 2018 and beyond.

Hello, Thank you for organizing this. Unfortunately I missed the event, and would like to know whether there is a recording available for members of the CES.

Kind regards,
Miek van Gaalen

Hello Miek,

A recording of the webinar can be found here: https://evaluationcanada.ca/webinars/9178 . Please note that you must be logged into the CES website to view it.