Winner, Service to the Society Award, 2001

Natalie Kishchuk has been very actively involved in both the National Council of the Canadian Evaluation Society and la Société québécoise d'évaluation de programme in a wide range of activities that have contributed to the betterment of the CES. Her involvement dates back at least 15 years or more.

As a member of Council in the early 90's, she worked on the production of the Ethical Guidelines and chaired the CES Evaluation Standards Development Committee.

Her involvement in conferences goes back to the Program Committee for Montreal ‘88, the Organizing Committee for Quebec ‘94, and the Co-Chair for Montreal 2000. In addition, she is a frequent contributor of papers, delivered numerous workshops, and acted as a judge in the Case Competition in 1998 and 1999.

Natalie has numerous publications and most important has served on the Editorial Board of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation for more than 10 years.

One of her most recent works, "Cadre de pratique pour l'évaluation des programmes — applications en promotion de la santé et en toxicomanie" is a key publication on evaluation in community health. It is also highlighted on our national web site.

A very notable contribution to the Society is her collaborative research and report for the CES done with Bud Long on the Certification of Evaluators in 1997. It is also highlighted on our national web site and used as a reference by both Canadian and international evaluators.

Probably the most important accolades have come from the people that I have asked for information. Comments like, "she really deserves it", "should have done this a long time ago", "I'm so pleased the Society is doing this", "doing this is fabulous", "this woman has really been involved", "..there should be credit for being the nicest evaluator in the CES" and "..can't think of anyone who more deserves this award than Natalie" were frequent statements. I guess that says it all a lot better than I can.

Joe Kopachevsky