Module 6:  Inclusive and Participatory Approaches to Leadership

It is worth repeating that when leaders are advocates and champions of DEI, the work of institutionalizing DEI becomes both attainable and sustainable. This is primarily because leaders have the power and influence to effect change as they tend to make decisions on organizational resources distribution. They are positioned well to allocate resources towards creating structures that sustain the change they are advocating. However, for DEI to be normalized as the organization’s culture, all stakeholders must be involved. Therefore two key ingredients are needed at the leadership level for DEI institutionalization: Inclusive Leaders and Collaborative Leaders meaningfully. Inclusive leadership and Collaborative leadership are as inseparable as two sides of a piece of paper. 

Inclusive leadership is an asset to any organization. This article Why inclusive leaders are good for organizations and how to become one ( approximately 8 min) explains why and how to become an inclusive leader. Wondering about additional thoughts on inclusive leadership’s key attributes, click The key to inclusive leadership ( approximately 8 min) to explore more.

Collaborative leadership is about hosting, learning, and embodying ways of harnessing the wisdom of all stakeholders. It’s about affirming that bringing diverse perspectives together creates stronger, wiser, and more resilient ideas.  It’s about believing in everyone’s leadership and creating the conditions for those unique perspectives to be harnessed and put towards the shared work of the group. This article From Hero To Host (approximately 40 minutes) by Deborah Frieze and Meg Wheatley explores how you can become a host for the collective wisdom ready to emerge. 

The Inclusive Leadership Continuum is a framework for evaluating where you are on your inclusive leadership journey.


We invite you to do the Inclusive Leadership Self-Assessment ( approximately 15 min) as part of your reflective journal exercise for this module.  You will need to sign up to access the assessment tool.

In your journal, reflect on your experience doing the assessment. Were the results surprising? How and why? Any insights you gained from the questions and your responses to the questions?