In The Mixed Methods Research Workbook, Michael D. Fetters has developed a practical resource for scholars, graduate students, and individuals with an interest in mixed methods research (MMR). Since many of the concepts presented are essential to all types of human research, the workbook would make an excellent required reading for an introductory graduate-level MMR course. The workbook is intricately scaffolded, with engaging lessons covering vital areas of MMR training—literature review, ethics, publishing, validity, grant applications, and philosophy worldviews. In particular, the integration of mixed methods is a key feature of the workbook. Fetter’s pedagogical intentionality is apparent, and the organizational structure and textual features render this a useful text for a range of audiences and worthy of keeping on your bookshelf for future reference. Common threads include collaborating with peers and illustrating concepts with stories drawn from a range of fields. Recent and relevant in-text citations solidify the evidence-based research used in developing this workbook and guiding mixed methods projects.