May 2011

One new fellow has joined the ranks of the Canadian Evaluation Society Fellowship.

Mrs. Kaireen Chaytor. Here is a transcript of her acceptance speech.

Thank you for this wonderful recognition. First, to the Nova Scotia Chapter of CES and everyone who contributed to the nomination. It was indeed a surprise. I was gob-smacked, and, as the organizer of the nomination said, it was the only time she had seen me speechless. Thank you to the Fellows for letting me enter. I have joined a group who, as dedicated evaluators and as great people, I respect. I also have the finest admiration for my fellow-Fellow today. When Nancy Carter heard who would share the stage, she responded with the comment: "that is terrific because you have such an evaluation crush on 'the other fellow'". It is indeed an honour to share the stage.

I believe the thrust of my nomination was the mentorship I have given to so many young people and those entering evaluation. Whether it was directed to people or program, I have been known to encourage the practice of evaluation. Yes, I have taught with enthusiasm, those taking their Masters in Public Administration, many working in the non-profit sector and many public sector employees through an in-service on evaluation. Let me say, as my first message as a fellow, that you should take every opportunity you can to mentor on evaluation, wherever you can. It has its rewards. When you see your once-co-op student on the executive of the National Council of CES; when a once-co-op student finishes her PhD at Rotman School of Management, takes the best job in evaluation in Halifax and co-presents with you at this conference – I believe I have evidence that mentoring has an impact.

When on a panel 'Lay of the Land' at last year's conference, I noted we are being asked to evaluate many knowledge transfer programs, but we may need to think about our own knowledge transfer methods and activities. Start knowledge transfer with simply mentoring those within your reach – and take an interesting what happens.

Thank you again, all of you, very much.