Winner, Service to the Society Award, 2007


This award for significant contribution to the work of the Canadian Evaluation Society is presented to someone who has demonstrated her dedication to the Society many times over the years I have known her – Joan Kruger. Joan and I go back a long time. And, I am sure she is wondering what I am going to say about her!

For many years, Joan has provided excellent and dedicated service to the Canadian Evaluation Society, both at the Saskatchewan Chapter level and on CES-National Council. She was a member of the CES-National Executive as chair of the Administration Committee and was CES Representative on the Joint Standards Committee.

More recently Joan was instrumental in re-energizing the Canadian Evaluation Society Education Fund and currently serves as the chair of the Fund's Board of Directors.

As that Board knows, Joan excels at recruiting, convincing and just getting things done. She has used her talents and skills for organization, administration, teamwork, collaboration and interpersonal communication many times for the betterment of the Canadian Evaluation Society.

As I said, I have known Joan for years – since our days both teaching at the Weyburn Comprehensive High School. I found an e-mail she sent to me when we were both working in the Department of Education and were members of the Saskatchewan Chapter Executive. It described an academic from Ghana who surprised a world population conference in Beijing by presenting research on family planning based partly on interviews with the dead. Using soothsayers, he quizzed ancestors about the ideal size of a family. He explained, "If I only heard from the living, I wouldn't get a very good balance." Joan's comment: "Think we will ever come to this"?

Please join me in congratulating Joan Kruger, an excellent choice for the Canadian Evaluation Society Service to the Society Award.

Frankie Jordan

Acceptance speech

Thank you to CES for this award and to the CES Educational Fund Board of Directors for nominating me. I appreciate your recognition and the award.

I am not sure that I should be singled out any more than a lot of other people in this room. I share this award with you.

Why do we volunteer for this organization? I have to believe it is because we are optimistic in the hope that we can make a difference in evaluation.

I am an educator and thus the CES Educational Fund was a natural fit after my term on CES Saskatchewan Chapter Board and on CES National Council. I had a Deputy Minister who once told me that an educator must always think of the student sitting on the corner of the desk and that we must strive to make the learning easier. I hope that is what we are doing with our programs at the CES Educational Fund.

I thank Dr. Orrison Burgess, University of Regina, who suggested while I was in my graduate studies that this was an organization that I needed to join. Dr. Burgess lost his life in a tragic accident in the Caribbean volunteering on an evaluation project with the Red Cross. Also, thanks to Dr. Cyril Kesten who guided me through the rest of my program.

I would also like to thank my family who often say to me, "what exactly do you do?" Now I have something to show them as well.

Thanks so much for this award.

Joan Kruger, June 5, 2007