1. Log into the Manage Your Member Account area for CES Members only at http://evaluationcanada.ca/member-account. Note that your personal Member Account is not the same as the CES Intranet account, as explained at http://evaluationcanada.ca/manage-your-member-account.

2. Once logged in, select View PDP Dashboard and you which will take you to the Professional Designation Program dashboard. Note: on the main dashboard, select “View my Profile” to review your member profile to confirm that all of your information is up-to-date.

3. To renew your annual $50 CE designation fee click on Renew CE and you will then be directed to enter your payment information. Note: it is also an option to renew your CE fees at the same time as paying your annual CES membership dues.

4. To enter your learning maintenance hours please, click on CE Maintenance.

5. The next screen will open up to view CE Maintenance Reporting Records where you will see a breakdown of any information that you have already entered for that reporting period.

6. Click on Edit CE Maintenance Reporting Record and you will be able to Add to your record as well as Edit any previous entries that you have saved in your current active 3 year cycle.

7. To add a new record you will need to input all of the required information according to eligible categories that are described at http://evaluationcanada.ca/sites/default/files/pdp_ce_contedreq_20140614_en.pdf. Note: You may enter past learning events which occurred since receiving your CE award. The onus is on you to maintain records should there be a request for evidence.

8. Once you have saved at least your 40 hours the system will present you with a “I acknowledge by clicking Submit that I wish to close the current CE maintenance period.” Check the box option to select it, then below click on the Submit button. 

As soon as you click on Submit it will immediately confirm that you have entered 40 or more learning hours for the period xx/xx/20xx to xx/xx/20xx and your annual fee is up to date.  Your Credential has been renewed until xx/xx/20xx.