Winner, Service to the Society Award, 2006


It's my pleasure to announce the Service to CES Award winner for the 2006, Gerald Halpern. Gerald was nominated by the National Capital Chapter. The award is designed to recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to the work of the Canadian Evaluation Society, and we believe Gerald's contributions qualify him for this recognition.

Gerald sat on the National Capital Chapter's Board of Directors from 1995 to 2005 and continues as an ex-officio member at present. For three years, he represented NCC at National Council working on the Professional Development Committee and then chairing that Committee. Under his guidance, CES developed two new courses available for delivery by chapters, updated the flagship Essential Skills Series course and commenced preliminary work on a professional development policy for CES. Gerald is also currently the Co-chair of the organizing committee for the 2009 National Conference to be held in Ottawa.

Gerald has continually demonstrated support for CES. His thoughtful contributions to the full range of issues facing our national professional association have been welcomed and helpful. Because of this, Gerald's contributions to CES are significant; it makes him a deserving recipient of the 2006 Service to CES Award. I'd like to now call upon Gerald Halpern to accept this award.

Acceptance speech

I guess I should have worn a tie. I truly appreciate this award from the society of my peers. We who are professional evaluators need the Canadian Evaluation Society. I think the last 25 years and this year's conference bode very well for the future. An additional sign of maturity is the move the National Council is now making toward a professional designation — however that may end up being defined — and the fact that the initial steps will be taken in this direction as early as this fall. We cannot predict how long it would take but I think the fact that we're just not talking and are actually doing something is a very positive sign. So, thank you. I feel humbled by it. I really do appreciate the award and I appreciate being in the company of my colleagues.

Gerald Halpern, June 2006.