Winner, Service to the Society Award, 2013


It is my pleasure to present the 2013 award for Service to the Canadian Evaluation Society – François Dumaine. François is a partner at the well known consulting firm, PRA and an evaluation professional since 2000, when he also joined CE. He joined the Board of the National Capital Chapter in 2001 and was a committed and passionate supporter of the Case Competition, run by NCC at that time. He was Treasurer from 2005-2008 on the NCC Board and undertook extensive changes to the financial management of the chapter resources. He was elected to the position of President of CES in 2008 and held the post to 2010, followed by two years as Past President (to 2012).

This award recognized significant contributions to CES and François has a stellar record in this regard. His work in support of students in the case competition is matched by his mentoring and encouragement to new evaluators to become active in CES. In spite of his initial concerns regarding professional designations for evaluators, François as President fully embraced the majority opinion and was instrumental in navigating the Credentialed Evaluator designation across the membership, with Chapter Boards and within National Council. He held a strong belief in the importance of Chapters, instituting new communication paths. His integrity and belief in the importance of evidence was demonstrated in his very public stand on the Government of Canada’s 2011 long form census decision. Quotes from his colleagues and nominators demonstrate the high regard in which he is held: "exemplary leadership" and "inspiring pillar of the CES" and "ambassador of evaluation" and "commitments and energy" and "excellent advocacy of CES and the value of evaluation"

Congratulations François Dumaine!

Acceptance speech

Un très grand merci pour cette très belle marque de reconnaissance. Thank you so much for this award, which means the world to me.

Little did I know, when I first got involved with the case competition many years ago, that my journey with CES would be that long and so enriching. And to be completely honest, when I finally decided to run for National President, I was essentially motivated by a desire to see that journey continue. I wanted to extend it so that I could reach all chapters, regions, and members in all parts of the country, and you were kind enough to allow me to do so. And in doing so, I got exposed to the great diversity of program evaluation practices, as it is experienced at the local, provincial and national levels. But beyond this diversity – whether we do formal program evaluation, or program monitoring or performance measurement – we are clearly united by a profound desire to improve governance and contribute to the betterment of ourselves, individually and collectively. And yes, program evaluation is an ambitious field – we sure have big goals and big ideas – but it is precisely this ambition that makes program evaluation so fascinating.

So, in closing, let me use this opportunity to thank, once again, CES members for allowing me to serve them. I want to thank the NCC Chapter for putting my name forward, and I want to thank Heather Buchanan for her kind words. And finally, I must thank all my colleagues at Prairie Research Associates who allowed me to put a whole lot of non-billable hours on my time sheets!