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In November 2002, the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) National Council established a new category of membership, the Canadian Evaluation Society Fellowship (The Fellowship). The Fellowship recognises lifetime achievements, service and prominence in evaluation. In addition, the Fellowship assists the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) by:

  • Providing advice to CES National Council at the request of Council;
  • Advocating on behalf of evaluation, the profession and the CES;
  • Representing the CES when requested by CES Council;
  • Reporting to Council in a timely manner for National meetings and the Annual Report.

Here is the current list of CES fellows.

Year of induction Name Province or territory
2003 Cohen, Alan Ontario
  Gilmore, Alan  Ontario
  Gratias, Alan Ontario
  Miller, Gary -
  Perrin, Burt  (CE) International (France)
  Santa-Barbara, Jack Ontario
  Segsworth, Robert (CE) Ontario
  Williams, Jack (CE) Ontario
2005 Love, Arnold  (CE) Ontario 
2006 Hudson, Joe  (CE) Alberta and Northwest Territories
  Mayne, John  (CE) Ontario
2007 Banister, Linda  (CE) Alberta and Northwest Territories
2008 Bibeau, Jean-René (CE)* Québec
  Anita, Myers (CE) Ontario
2009 Lee, Linda  (CE) Manitoba
2010 Favaro, Paul  (CE) Ontario
  Mason, Greg (CE) Manitoba
2011 Chaytor  Kaireen (CE) Nova Scotia
  Montague, Steve (CE) Ontario
2012 Porteous, Nancy (CE) Ontario
2013 Rowe, Andy BC & Yukon
2014 Borys, Shelley (CE) Ontario
2015 Kishchuk, Natalie (CE) Québec
  Lahey, Robert (CE) Ontario
2017 Cousins, Brad (CE) Ontario

* Deceased