Ethical Guidelines Review Task Force

The purpose of the CES Ethical Guidelines Task Force is to review and as necessary, renew CES’s Ethics Statement.  This work will be carried out in the contexts: of considerable change in the policy and practice environment of program evaluation since the Ethics Statement was published, including the Competencies for Canadian Evaluators, and of current attention to ethics frameworks in other national evaluation associations.  

The CES Ethical Guidelines Task Force consists of CES members who have expertise and experience in the area of ethics in program evaluation, drawn from available volunteers. It is chaired by the CES Vice-President.

The Task Force may constitute and define the mandate of a Reference Group composed of Task Force members and other national and international experts, at the invitation of the Working Group.

TOR-Ethical Guidelines Review Task Force

Chair: Christopher Cameron, Vice-President, CES

Task Force Members

Vanessa Anastasopoulos

Marthe Hurteau

Natalie Kishchuk (Chair)

Birgitta Larsson

Emilie Peter

Brenda Stead

Reference Group Members

Robert Czerny

Arnold Love

Wayne MacDonald

Jim McDavid

Sandra Sellick