How can you use the program and support it?

The CES competencies and CE application process is a framework for professional development. By providing a sound framework supporting the evaluation practice in Canada (including a code of ethicsstandards and competencies), the CE designation offers on-going guidance to evaluators as they strengthen their experience and expertise. The process of obtaining the CE designation and its associated requirement for ongoing professional development allow each CE to better assess his or her current strengths and identify priority areas for further development. More than a one-time assessment of one's evaluation profile, the CE designation represents an ongoing process that collectively guide the evaluation practice in Canada, while allowing a variety of evaluation models to evolve in response to specific needs and realities of program stakeholders.

PDP is an established program inspiring academic and non-academic evaluation educators. There is an acknowledged gap in the supply of academic and professional development programming to support both new entrants and the on-going development of evaluation professionals in Canada. The CES has defined for its members and for those who support the development of the profession, the ethicsstandards and competencies for Canadian evaluation practice. These serve as a guide to continually renew, invigorate and grow the evaluation community and the quality of their contributions. They are also an agreed-upon framework to guide the development and delivery of training to evaluators.