Editor's Remarks / Un mot de la rédactrice

Authors :

In reviewing all of the papers included in this issue of the CJPE, I am struck by the fact that all of them, in their own way, focus on people, organizations, and groups. This is not surprising, given that our work as evaluators requires constant contact and communication with stakeholders, clients, managers, and benefi ciaries. This link to others is often what defines our practice and sets us apart from other disciplines. To start us off, Carman and Fredericks co-author a paper on social network analysis, an approach that is gaining traction in our field. They not only provide a description of how, when, and under what conditions social network analysis can be applied in an evaluation context, but they also summarize useful, practice-based examples to illustrate its potential and its challenges.

I am also pleased to introduce a thematic segment that I co-edited with Marthe Hurteau on stakeholder involvement in evaluation, following a colloquium on this topic held in 2016. As evaluators, we are constantly learning how to best involve stakeholders in our work, and the four papers included in this thematic segment provide new insights from research and practice.

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