Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group 

The purpose of the DEI Working Group is twofold: to advise the Board on issues relating to diversity, equity and inclusion within CES, and to promote inclusive evaluation practice within the evaluation community. 

In this way, the DEI Working Group will integrate diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the Canadian Evaluation Society mission of: “promoting the development of evaluation theory and practice; leading the professionalization of evaluation; building awareness of evaluation; and advocating for the use of quality evaluation.” 

The DEI Working Group will consist of at least six CES members including a representative who will act as a liaison to the Board. Membership will be for a one-year, renewable term. The DEI Working Group will seek to include CES members at large with an interest in issues of diversity, inclusion and equity, and who represent diversity within the Canadian context. The DEI Working Group Chair (or Co-Chairs) will be voted upon by members and approved by the Board for a two-year, renewable term.  

Co-Chair: Joanna Kocsis  [email protected]

Co-Chair: Sheryl Davis  [email protected]

Admin: Lais Dourado  [email protected]

CES Board Liaison to the DEIWG:  Nick Petten


Diane Billingsley
Jane Whynot
Kerry-Ann Spencer
Marcela Tapia
Maya Lefkowich
Rhonda Rosenberg
Sara Marshall
Taib Boyce
Tiffany Pollock
Victoria Diaz