Développement d'un cadre de classement des résultats de la réadaptation pour documenter la progression des clientèles

< Back to: Volume 18 - 2003 - Fall
Authors :

In the field of rehabilitation, documenting intervention results and the progress of clients is a major concern at all levels, be it clinical, administrative, or scientific. Using new information technologies, it is now possible to meet this challenge by developing an information system capable of taking into account the complexity of the variables involved. To identify those variables, 27 programs representative of the Quebec rehabilitation continuum took part in a study to identify progress indicators in abilities, life habits, and environmental factors. A harmonized framework for the classification of variables and progress indicators was validated with clients by the clinical teams. This framework is a groundbreaking tool and will be useful not only as a resource in individual client follow-up but also in program and policy evaluation support.

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