Foundations in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Evaluation Webinar

The Canadian Evaluation Society’s vision “to advance excellence in evaluation across Canada and internationally” contains the mandate to actively pursue the development of knowledge, practice and theory which is forward-thinking and well-suited to promote the wellbeing of all members of society.  
In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, excellence in evaluation refers not only to the quality of the methods we use, but also, and more importantly, to the quality of the outcomes we achieve. In light of this mandate, the DWG seeks to explore how the evaluation community defines excellence and how we might support the evolution of an evaluation community and profession that is inclusive and equitable for all rights holders and stakeholders. 
The DWG team seeks to support the work of CES members whose goals are to teach, study, practice, or theorize about evaluation in a way that includes perspectives and priorities that are traditionally underrepresented. This pre-recorded webinar about Foundations in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Evaluation is an introduction to the more extensive self-guided curriculum commissioned by the CES, for the benefit of its members.