Curriculum Advisory Board

The purpose of the CES e-Institute Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) is to support course development and review and the evaluation of the e-Institute.       

The CES e-Institute Curriculum Committee will be composed of CES members who have knowledge of evaluation training needs and/or the evaluation training landscape.  Preference will be given to committee members with evaluation teaching and e-learning experience and/or qualification in education, teaching or distance education.  It is chaired by the CES e-Institute Director.  Membership will normally be six people and will include:

1.            A CES Chapter Representative

2.            An Evaluation Course Instructor

3.            The CUEE (Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education) chair or delegate

4.            A member of the e-Institute’s target audience

5.            A federal government representative or representative other major evaluator employer or commissioner, and

6.            A CES Fellow or a member of the CES Credentialing Board.


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Chair: Marla Steinberg , Director, E-Institute

Nick Petten 

Kely Skinner

Eliana Clay

Shelly Borys

Florence Tarrant

Karen Lawson