Culturally Responsive Reference Group

From time to time, the CES e-Institute will form Course Development Reference Groups (CRG) when specialized expertise is needed to guide the development of an e-Institute course.  The purpose of CES e-Institute CRG is to support course development and review of specialized e-Institute courses.       

The CES e-Institute CRG will be composed of CES members or non-member experts who have topic specific expertise.  It is chaired by the CES e-Institute Director.  Membership will be up to six people.

There are two pathways to membership.  Members can be invited by the Director of the CES e-Institute or they can self-nominate.  All nominations will be reviewed and appointed by the Professional Learning Committee (PLC). 

Link to TOR (CES e-Institute Course Development Reference Group) :

Chair: Marla Steinberg , Director, E-Institute

Kim van der Woerd

Larry Bremner

Vanessa Anastasopoulos 

Natalie Gagne

Debbie Delancy