Credentialing Board 

The CES Credentialing Board (CES-CB) is the decision-making body for the Professional Designations Program. CB members serve for three-year terms, renewable twice (maximum nine years).  They are tasked with considering the merits of members' application for credentialed status, through confidential review, and making fair, timely and objective decisions on applications and appeals for the designation using guidelines and criteria established by CES National Board. They are also asked to provide meaningful and substantive input into the ongoing management and development of the PDP. As recognized knowledgeable and experienced experts, CB members act as ambassadors for the CES and the PDP in professional exchanges within the evaluation community domestically and internationally.

Currently, the 20-25 active CB members review approximately 4.5 applications per year, using an on-line system.  There is a 15-day service standard in which to complete reviews once assigned.  In order to reduce barriers for CB membership, members are entitled to an honorarium-type per diem; the current rate is $150 per review plus applicable taxes.  CB members are also recognized on the CES website.

TOR-Credentialing Board


Chair : Christopher Cameron 
Vice-President, CES

Michelle Anderson-Draper

Gail Barrington

Frederic Bertrand

Ian Davies

Francois Dumaine

Benoit Gauthier

Marie Gervais

Marthe Hurteau

Frankie Jordan

Allison Kerry

Keiko Kuji-Shikatani

Birgitta Larson

Linda Lee

Judy Lifshitz

Martha McGuire

Hubert Paulmer

Martine Perrault

Jean-Serge Quesnel

Janice Remai

Wendy Rowe

Simon Roy